Itamaraty was not sought about body sent by post in Japan

Rika Okada’s body was found last week in Tokyo


Video shows images of the Brazilian woman in China

FNN channel released some images of the suspected crime


Peruvian is hit by truck and driver flees without providing help

The truck driver returned to the accident site 30 minutes later

  • 9-of-the-10-countries-that-most-enjoy-the-life-are-of-America-Latin-and-Japan-occupies-the-601-position

    9 of the 10 countries that most enjoy life are from Latin America and Japan occupies the 60th positionLatin American people focus more on positive things and believe in the family a lot according to Gallup

  • Japan-and-the-21-parents-of-the-world-with-more-holidays-per-year

    Japan is the 2nd country in the world with more holidays per yearThis Friday another national holiday should be announced

  • Tokyo-and-the-best-city-in-the-world-for-tourism-according-to-research

    Tokyo is the best city in the world for tourism, according to researchIt is the one that most satisfied tourists at a general level

  • Create-Mountain-Day-in-Japan-to-thank-your-blessings

    Create Mountain Day in Japan to thank your blessingsAs of 2016 on August 11

  • Japan-works-on-solutions-for-the-aged-society-of-the-future

    Japan works on solutions for the aging society of the futureProject is one of many that is now the focus of the private sector in the Asian country

  • Elderly-in-Japan-seeks-to-overcome-the-loss-of-the-woman-with-whom-shared-70-years-of-life

    Elderly in Japan seeks to overcome the loss of the woman with whom he shared 70 years of lifeThe more time passes, the more he remembers and becomes sadder


MUSICPaul McCartney recovers after treating viral infection in Tokyo hospitalMcCartney has no more shows scheduled until next June 14


CELEBRITIESNeymar spent over R $ 5,000 per ring for MarquezineIn Rio de Janeiro, the press guarantees that the two circulate together at parties and do not insist on hiding that they are together.


MUSICWith virosis, Paul McCartney cancels performances in JapanMcCartney had shows scheduled for Budokan


MOVIE THEATER”Godzilla” returns from the depths to snap at the box officeThe grandiose spectacle of “Godzilla” contrasts with the other premieres of the week


MUSICPaul McCartney cancels two shows in Tokyo for health reasonsEx-beatle has not recovered from a virus, according to a statement.


Manga shows strange evils in Fukushima residents and generates protestGastronomy publication “Oishinbo” suggests that Futaba inhabitants are victims of strange evils after the nuclear accident

Japanese Researchers-Create-Adamantium-Similar Material

TECHNOLOGYJapanese researchers create material similar to AdamantiumResearchers used nano technology and alchemy


SONYSony will give a headset as a gift to all World Cup playersThe MDR-10R does not have Bluetooth, NFC and external noise cancellation, which are only available on the high-end model


TECHNOLOGYSmall robot that plays and analyzes reactions is presented in JapanThe Emiew 2 robot impressed during a demonstration in Tokyo


TECHNOLOGYJapanese reinvent the way of cyclingSales start in October this year and the estimated price is around 250,000 yen.


SMARTPHONEHere comes the iPhone, device that will send and receive odors by SMSIt works thanks to technological particle manipulation


TECHNOLOGYRakuten launches rubber finger for smartphone usersCompany says extended thumb makes life easier for those who use their cell phones when traveling standing on crowded trains


THAILANDArmy to censor content critical to coup in ThailandCensorship on social networks adds to the blocking of the transmission of local and international broadcasters, such as “BBC” and “CNN”, and radio stations


WORLDBrazilian model released after 14 days trapped in ChinaAmanda Griza should arrive home this Monday after two weeks in prison


WORLDSeoul offers a reward of more than 48 million yen for those who deliver the ferry ownerReward value is ten times higher


WORLDBus terminal fire kills 5 in South KoreaFirefighters managed to control the fire in 20 minutes although it was not enough to save the lives of five people


MAKE UPYou may be applying your makeup in the wrong order. By Paula KondoYou may have already wondered, how your skin’s makeup mysteriously disappeared during the day …


BEHAVIORWhy do Japanese people have a hard time saying “I love you”?9 reasons that prevent them from verbalizing their love

If-two-Japanese-friends-fall in love-with-the-same-girl-both-give-up-her

BEHAVIORIf two Japanese friends fall in love with the same girl, they both give up on herIn Japan, “sacrifice” is valued


BEHAVIOR5 jobs that facilitate infidelityAshley Madison, site made for infidels very popular in Japan, reveals the results


BEHAVIOR10 types of men that Japanese women don’t likeSurvey reveals what women don’t like about men in Japan

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