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Concerns rise in Japan over celibacy syndrome

40% of college students have no sex

The aging of the population and the decrease in the birth rate are one of the main problems in Japan. In 2012, 1,037,101 people were born in the country, the lowest number in 16 years.

There is nothing to indicate that the situation will be reversed, judging by the results of several studies that show the low dependence of young people on sex, so much so that some Japanese media have warned of the “celibacy syndrome”.

Four out of ten college students in Japan are virgins, according to a survey conducted by the Japanese Sex Education Association, the Japan Daily Press reported.

Some previous research had already revealed that many Japanese, choosing or for lack of opportunities, do not think about living together. About 49% of women and 61% of men aged 18 to 34 are alone, according to the National Population Institute.

In addition, 30% of single men have never dated a woman.

The difficult economic situation that the country is going through contributes to people not thinking about starting a family, according to experts, because they say that the government must play a more active role in reversing the population decline.

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