Foreigners in Japan can receive basic resident registration card

It is awarded by municipalities in Japan and does not replace the zairyu card

Japan –

All foreigners who have lived in Japan for more than three months have already started to be enrolled in the registration network across the country, since Monday, on the national network through resident registries. According to the government, the membership will allow benefits from municipal administrative transmissions, as well as requesting Yumin Kihon Daicho Kado. The card comes with a photo and an integrated chip, which will serve as official identification.

Although entry to apply for the card is not mandatory, approximately 2 million foreigners will be covered by the Basic Resident Registration System, which will create an 11-digit code for each eligible person. City governments have been supplying the codes since Monday, July 8.

The system widely referred to as “juki net” in Japanese, allows a citizen to obtain a copy of his / her residence registration (jumingyo) outside the municipality where you live, to submit you must take the notifications by email or Internet and benefit from other simplified administrative documents, according to the government.

Applicants must submit a summary to the municipal office of their residence in order to obtain the issuance of the Basic Registration Card.

The “Yuki netto” includes all Japanese citizens, but it was not until today that it started to be valid also for foreigners.

According to the Japanese lawyer, Yuki Maruyama, the Yumin Kihon Daicho Kado, is a card that is not governed by the Immigration Law and does not replace the zairyu card.

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