Sports cars are shipped to Brazil

Aichi garagista dispatched to Brazil at the beginning of the year four cars prepared for the drift

IN Seoul

Noda passes Fukushima’s lessons to leaders at the Nuclear Summit

Prime Minister also pointed out that the training of personnel on the ground in the Fukushima crisis was insufficient and demonstrated the need for training for emergency situations


Women and young people are more likely to experience stress at work in Japan

11.11% of respondents need treatment, according to survey


LAUNCHSpecial “Soundtrack of Novelas”Download on your mobile the successes of the soundtrack of Globo soap operas

  • Music festival brings together artists from Brazil, Argentina and JapanMineiros Renato Motha and Patrícia Lobato and Argentines Carlos Aguirre and Quique Sinesi are the South American representatives of the Sense of ¨Quiet¨ 2012

  • Japanese film with Brazilian cast premieres at the cinemaAkaneiro no Yakusoku tells the story of Ricardo, a Brazilian boy who cannot adapt to Japan and who discovers a special fish that will be coveted and stolen by a corrupt mayor

  • Okinawa-and-option-for-those-who-want-to-escape-from-the-cold-in-this-time-of-the-year

    Okinawa is an option for those who want to escape the cold this time of yearArchipelago receives about one million tourits in winter

  • Bárbara Hudz & Banda in Hamamatsu

    Live show by the community revelation singer.
  • Razza Latina

    Razza Latina Orchestra celebrates in Komaki with special participation by Ellites do Funk
  • Community Samba

    Roda de samba on the last Sunday of the month in Hamamatsu
  • Miss Tokai International 2012

    Traditional community beauty contest. Winner will win a trip to Rome

WORTH SEEING AGAINClone returns to TV Globo Internacional screensFrom April 3, subscribers will be able to follow the love story between Jade and Lucas

ANIMATION FAIRTokyo International Anime Fair dedicated space to the Tohoku regionIshinomaki, one of the cities hardest hit by the tsunami, also had space reserved for cartoons

FORECASTSHoroscope from March 25 to 31The 25th, 26th and 27th represent a special moment for all signs, as the sun and moon are in one of their best positions and bring a lot of light to all areas of life

INTERNETFacebook has more than 10 million users in JapanSocial network doubled the number of users in just six months, but still lags behind Mixi

COOKINGSpaghetti with Salted Salmon Sauce and OlivesChef Mizinha teaches a recipe for Salmon, fish that is cheaper this time of year

  • Ingrown nailLearn the step by step and care to avoid ingrown nail infections.

  • Wine protects from Alzheimer’sWine and its health benefits.

  • “Kafunshoo” is already on the airHot weather made pollen allergy arrive earlier

  • Cold weather requires care to ensure healthLearn how to avoid typical Japanese winter problems like flu and dry skin

  • How to qualify for agriculture in JapanLook for an opportunity to leave the factory.


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